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Monday, January 10, 2011

Acoustica Mixcraft Review

Acoustica Mixcraft is software for creating your own music, beats and songs. If you want to buy it will cost you about 60$, price depends of version ( Newest version>more expensive).
Acoustica Mixcraft gives you opurtunity to create a beat, record your vocals, plugin your instruments like el. guitar, midi keyboard etc. Acustica Mixcraft also give you ability to install aditional effects and plugins.
Find out more about mixcraft, OK! Lets get started.
First open yours mixcraft. What you see first is your dashboard. That is a place where you actually work, so I like to call it work table :).
Over a top of "work table" is yours toolbar.
Toolbar content :
  • File
  • Edit
  • Mix
  • Track
  • Sound
  • View
  • Help
Not to rich toolbar right?
File tool is for saving your project, saving your mixdown, open new project etc. Its look like this :
  1. New project
  2. Open project
  3. Save
  4. Save as
  5. Copy project sound to..
  6. Mix Down to
  7. Burn CD
  8. Label CD
  9. Preferences
  10. Recent Project
  11. Exit
  • New project you use if you want to start a new song or mixdown, as title says "New project"
  • Open project you use when you want to continue already saved project
  • Save you use when you want to save changes to project
  • Mix Down to you use to save your project as mixdown, mp3 or wave sound.
  • Burn Cd
  • Label cd
  • Preferences you use to change the settings
  • Recent project you use to open yours recent used files and projects
EDIT tool is not so cool all you have in edit bar is :
  1. Undo-step back
  2. Redo-step foward
  3. Cut-cut audio
  4. Copy-Copy audio
  5. Paste-Paste audio
  6. Delete-delete audio
  7. Select all-select all tracks
  8. Split - separate one track
  9. Join-join 2 track to one
MIX - mix tool is a lil bite better then previous ones :
  1. Add Sound
  2. Loop library
  3. Play
  4. Play from
  5. Rewind to Start
  6. Fast Forward to End
  7. Record
  8. Set master volume
  9. Edit Global Effects
  10. Add Temp/Key change
  11. Markers
  12. Automatically Beat match with new sound
  13. Transpose to key change
  14. Metronome
  15. Loop Play Back mode
  16. Use recording timer
  17. Project settings
TRACK tool you use for editing your tracks :
  • Add Audio Track
  • Insert Audio Track
  • Duplicate track
  • Move track up
  • Move track down
  • Track Higher
  • Choose Image 
  • Freeze track
  • Delete track
  • Mute
  • Solo
  • Arm for recording
  • Set volume
  • Set pan
  • Edit effects 
  • Select all audio on this track
SOUND- use for editing your sound : 
  • Add sound
  • Loop Library 
  • Play sound
  • Mute
  • Lock
  • Edit in external editor
  • Make into loop
  • Time silence
  • Automatic maker wizard 
  • Normalize volume
  • Fade In
  • Fade Out
  • Boost
  • Reduce
  • Reset envelope
  • Invert envelope
  • Split
  • Join
VIEW- use to edit your track view 
  • All track height
  • Timeline mode
  • Snap to grid
  • Show details area
  • Project details
  • Track details
  • Sound details
  • Loop library 
  • Zoom in
  • Zoom out
  • Zoom to project
HELP -support and download updates area
  • Help topics
  • Download updates
  • Acoustica softwares 
  • Download loops
  • Download sounds
  • Download effects
  • About

My View On Mixcraft

Thats about acoustica content. I do not like it very much because it is just too automatic and there are a lot of sampling. There is no that artist feeling when you work with it. Its just too easy.
Beat making is very poor, all you have are loops, drums loops, gitar, piano, violin loops etc. There is no that magic like you have at Fl Studio or Adobe Audition.
Recording vocals and mastering them is almost impossible because effects are really poor, you get quality like some baby toy recorder.
I do not like it at all, but thats my subjective opinion, you can try it. But its for beginers in audio industry, you can just play whit it .

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