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Refx Nexus VST Plugin -UPDATE REVIEW

Posted by Miralem Asceric On 12:11 PM 19 comments

Refx Nexus VST plugin is great VST for FL Studio. Rexf Nexus is instrumental plugin, it is mean that this plugin contains music instruments sounds. First that I want to share with you is how to get Refx Nexus? I recommend that you look for it in Google and BUY IT! Do not download some junk from untrusted sites, you can get only damage to your PC or fl studio. Installation of this plugin is very simple, it is just some basic installation application. Double click on setup.exe and you are ready to go! For full video installation tutorial please check this LINK

Now, lets find out something more about nexus. Refx Nexus is new generation of vst plugin! 

NeXus Vst plugin list of instruments : 

  1. Arpeggios 
  2. Bass
  3. Classical
  4. Dance Leads
  5. Epic Pads
  6. Fantasy and dream
  7. Gated Pads
  8. Piano
  9. Plucked 
  10. Single Layer Leads
  11. Single Layer Pads
  12. Single Layer Sequences 
  13. Splits and Sequences
  14. Synthetic Brass
  15. Textures and FX
  16. Voice 
  17. XP Dance Vol. 2

Features : 

  1. Refx Nexus Vst plugin gives you opportunity to work with professional sound kit packs. You can have a professional keyboard, drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano right now, for very little money. This plugin is worth every cent believe me. The quality for sound is amazing! 
  2. Refx Nexus Vst plugin gives you opportunity to record your lead line with professional kits. I made a video with some nexus melody that I played! You should listen it. 
  3. Refx NeXus is very easy and simple to use, installation is incredibly easy. No more finding vst file .dll pasting it on billion places. With nexus there is no need to do that! Just click setup and enjoy. 
  4. The main specification of Refx NeXus is that it contains very large sound library, and hundreds of samples. You can also do some corrections for every sound. 
  5. Refx Nexus support expansions pack - Download Expansion for free
  6. Just let you imagination to do work and enjoy using this awsome plugin :)


Thank you dude for this very quality info. I am thinking about buying this vst. Can you give me tip, what to do? Is it worth ?

Petroley said:

No problem man, I think that YOU MUST BUY IT! This VST plugin is awesome and you are going to enjoy using it. If you want to be professional beat maker you must have some quality softwares and plugins, and NeXus is perfect solution.

Regards, Petroley

Mariusz said:

Yep nexus2 is amazing very powerful little plugin also worth mentioning is that it's very well written as it doesn't slow down your pc like some plug-ins personally I use nexus mostly for techno/trance compositions and you can use it for everything your imagination is your limit I personally prefer it on Techno/Trance

Petroley said:

Mariusz @ thank you for comment, yeah NeXus is the best instrumental plugin ever :))

fatima said:

ya budy im using nexus too...awsum plugin but i have a problem with the mix option...cant add arp or to do that....any info???

Petroley said:

hello fatima, thank you for stopping by. Well if you are using refx NeXus VST plugin with FL Studio you can get some problems. But I do not understand what exactly is your problem?? Any more detail??


fatima said:

well in nexus there is a option of "mix"
with further options of mix, eq and lib..
i want to add arp and delays at the same time in mix option and control the panning and volume to add those

for more ease go to your nexus library and select category of Arpeggios and select preset "AR after midnight" and then go to mix option on right side menu of u culd see all the delays phaser trancegate effect at same place...thats what im searching for

Petroley said:

Oke dude if I understood you there is your problem. When you run NeXus and select preset example "ar afternight 1" and go to mix option You have many options inside. Now if you want to change NeXus default present you can do that by clicking on "arp" you can select how much octaves you want and what pitch of sound you like and you want to add some delay and reverb to it just click "ON" at the bottom of NeXus window (delay section). You can change and pick delay setting you like. Just mess around with "mix", "mod", "f-back" etc...

I hope I helped you


fatima said:

ya nice man...thanks :)

Petroley said:

No problem :)) I am glad I helped you :D

Petroley said:

I agree bro :)

Petroley said:

haha you can call it like that :)) Thank you for stopping by

My nexus ain't making any sound. I guess there's something wrong my settings. And i've been looking all over the net and i can't seem to find a solution.
Would be grateful if you could help me out.

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Ok. Update your sound card driver, update directx, and then re-install NeXus. Let me know if you solved the problem. Greetings

I do not understand the hype with Nexus. Compared to Omnisphere or Camel Audio Alchemy it seems to lack sound clarity. And before you ask, yes I do keep switching it back to its 'ultra' setting.

hey i went to the link and it has been removed can you pleas help me man i need to finish 10 songs by next week pleas reply or email me

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Oke guys I am very sorry, but hotfile terminate my account so try to go to the kickasstorrents and search it there


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