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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Professional Headphones Review

Professional Headphones

Headphones are electrical device which transform electrical signal into audio sound. Headphones containing  parts:
  1. Connector
  2. Cable
  3. Case 
  4. Actual headphone
  5. etc
There are a lot of headphones types on market. Most of them are cheap and pure trash, but fortunately we have a high quality headphones form respectable manufacturers. Todays most popular headphones are AKG headphones. They are not so expensive but they are top quality! 

AKG K81 DJ Headphones

AKG K81 DJ Headphones are in top ten of all headphones today.They are perfectly balanced and design is true art. High-Tec technology parts in this headphones make incredibly sound. Very powerful punchie bass and adjusted mid and low sound are real magic. This headphones do not provide any noise or self-noise. You can use them for I-pod, PsP and other game consuls, of course you can use them to listen music on pc or use them to produce your music. They are awsome for Dee Y-s.
Specifications :
  • Type: dynamic, closed headphone
  • Sensitivity: 115 dB / V
  • Frequency range: 16Hz to 24kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Cable: 2.5m
  • Maximum input power: 2.000 mW
  • Weight: 150g
  • Special features: 3D-Axis mechanism

    AKG K181 DJ headphones

    AKG K181 DJ headphones are close type headphones. They are most used in DJ mixing but you can use them where ever you want. You can listen music on I-pod, PC, there are EXCELENT for music production in home or professional studio. These headphones are real professional and many of producer use them, I also use them and I truly recommend them to you! Very clear and pure sound, but also with very powerful bass and great mid and low high frequency sound.
    Specifications :

    • Type: Closed Dynamic Headphones
    • Sensitivity: 120 dB / V
    • Frequency range: 5Hz to 30kHz
    • Impedance: 42 Ohms
    • Cable: 1.8m
    • Maximum input power: 3.500 mW
    • Weight: 280g
    • Special features: 3D-Axis mechanism, mini-XLR connector
      They are expensive but they are worth every single cent, believe me. 

      AKG K-28 NC Professional Headphones

      AKG K-28 NC Professional Headphones are average price and great quality.  They provide a very clear and powerful sound. Lot of bass (but not to much) nice mid and high frequency sound. They also gives you opportunity to connect them in the plane, the have a plane connector and a lot of special features. 
      Specifications : 
      • Type: Closed Dynamic Headphones
      • Sensitivity: 125 dB SPL / V
      • Frequency response: 12Hz to 28kHz
      • Impedance: 32 Ohms
      • Cable: 1.8m
      • Connector: 3.5mm stereo
      • Adapter: Adapter for the plane
      • Weight: 73g
      • Special features: active noise reduction

        AKG K10 Headphones

        AKG K10 Headphones are average quality headphones. They are most used in listening music, playing games and similar activities. I do not recommend them for producing and mixing sound. 
        Specifications : 
        • Type: Closed Dynamic Headphones
        • Sensitivity: 98 dB SPL / mW
        • Frequency response: 100Hz to 13kHz
        • Impedance: 360 Ohm
        • THD: <1%
        • Cable: 1.5m
        • Connector: gold-plated TS
        • Color: Black
        • Weight: 72g

        AKG HSC-200SR Professional Headphones

        These headphones are actually headset. This headset is composed of high quality headphones and high quality microphone. They are made for broadcast usage, like radio, television, stadium announcer etc. If you have some home studio you can use them to record and produce your music, if you do not have money to buy separate microphone and headphones, this headset is right solution for you.
        Specifications :
        • Characteristics of the microphone: kardioida
        • Sensitivity: 100 dB SPL / 1MW
        • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
        • Impedance: <200 Ohm
        • Consumption: <2 mA
        • Headset Type: semi-open dynamic headphones
        • Cable: 3m
        • Color: black matte
        • Weight: 250g
        • Connector: 2 x stereo mini jack

        AGK Q-34 Broudcast Headphones

        AKG Q-34 Broudcast Headset is very similar to AKG HSC-200SR, because this is also broadcast headphones with very quality microphone and headphones. You can use them just like AKG HSC-200SR. Only different between those two headsets are quality of the microphone and length of the cable and different type of headphones. I recommend you AKG HSC-200SR.
        Specifications :

        • Characteristics of the microphone: hiperkardioida
        • Sensitivity: 90 dB SPL / 1MW
        • Frequency response: 150Hz to 5000Hz
        • Impedance: 230 Ohm
        • Max. SPL: 130dB
        • Cable: 1.8m
        • Color: matte gray / black
        • Weight: 250g
        • Standard accessories W40, Z62 / 1
        • Headset Type: Closed Dynamic Headphones