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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vocal Recording Equipment (Human factor)

Human Factor

You are always sing under a shower, you sing at job or school, you sing when you exercise, run, walk, you sing everyday! If you do, then I want to share with you some info what are you need to build your own home music studio. 
First and most important thing is your passion for music. If you have that passion building own studio would not be problem for you. Because if you want it so much you would not be care how much it will cost. But if you are insure about it you will never build your studio. Because its easy to buy some equipment and get somebody else to do for you.
Second human factor is talent. If you are not talent, do not give up, please do not. If you do not have a talent for singing or rapping so what? You can be a music maker, producer or something else. All you have to do is try and try and try and you will success! If you do have a talent for singing or raping, or beat making or production YOU SHOULD MAKE YOUR STUDIO AS MUCH SOON POSSIBLE! Why? Because you do not want to waste your time, that you could use to increase yours skills as rapper, singer, beat maker, or producer. 
Next thing is very important that is persistence and patience. Nothing grows over night, not even today best musicians, producers, beat makers not get success over night. You should put 100% of you if you want to get a result you want! Do never give up please do not. If you spot that it is not going so great, do not worry everyone has their falls and ups! EVERYONE!



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