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How To Get T-Pain Effect With GSnap VST using Audacity (Professional VST Tutorial)

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There are a lot of plug ins and softwares that can help you to get your vocals sound like professional. One if them is Audacity and GSnap VST Plugin. Todays most popular effect is "T-pain" effect and I am going to show you how you can get that effect very easy.

Lets get started :

  1. First you need Audacity -Download here
  2. Then Gsnap - Download here 
  3. Install it 

How to install GSnap to Audacity ?

Download GSnap, extract the downloaded .zip file. Now just copy Gsnap.dll to folder "/Program files/Audacity/Plugins".

If you want "T-Pain" effect follow these steps :

  1. Open Audacity
  2. Record Vocal
  3. Mark track
  4. Go to Effects > GVST: Gsnap 
  5. Now you will get pop-up window with Gsnap VST
  6. Now set these settings  :
  • Min Freq : 80Hz
  • Max Freq : 2000Hz
  • Gate : -80dB
  • Speed 1
  • Threshold :100 cents
  • Amount : 100%
  • Attack : 1ms
  • Release : 1 ms
  • Pitch band : 0 cents
  • Vibratio : 0 cents
  • Vib speed : 0,1 Hz
  • Calibrate : 430 Hz
Thats it. Save this settings by clicking "Save Button"




It works, thank you petroley

Petroley said:

You welcome bro, thank you for visiting, come back soon for more info and tutorials....


howcome itz not wrkin 4 me?

Petroley said:

If this settings dont work for you then you must select different scale. Click Select Scale, then choose KEY G, and Minor scale it must work :)

I put the dll file in "plug in" but when i open audacity it doesnt work :(

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Nice post! Keep forward.

Petroley said:

viagra pharmacy@ thank you:)

This isn't working for me. Why not?

Petroley said:

What exactly your problem is? The settings or installation?

If these settings do not work for you, then just make some adjustments. Select different Scale and It must work, I use these settings for a year now.


It installed properly. I'm using it in Audacity.

I put the settings the same way it said to. I tried it with G Major like everyone has said to, but it doesn't seem to work for me. It's weird.

Petroley said:

It is weird, I do not know what else you can do. Hmm try mess a little bit with "CORRECTION", make some adjustments and try It again. Or download free Cool Edit Pro Portable and GSnap from my DOWNLOADS page, install it and try it again in Cool Edit Pro.

How come when I go to set the scale to C major it automatically changes it back to A major, Ive even tried other scales, ANY HELP????

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Do not worry, if you set C major and apply it you will get C major scale, GSnap scales automatically goes to default every time you want to select another scale.

thx that's work perfectly !!
really good tutorial, continue !!

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Thank you very much for comment, I am glad that I helped you. Come back again for more tutorials


plz d i copied it to audacity bt its not in d effect list o!!!!!!!!!

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Restart your PC and try again, If you fail again then re-install Audacity and start over.

for the peole who can't get it to work, you should try the following:
install audacity beta 1.3 as the non-beta version (1.2) requires that you install "vst enabler" in order for gsnap to function.
then in audacity's "preferences", go to "effects" and check the box for something like "rescan vsts when audacity starts". close audacity, re-open it and VOILA!!! sorry if written in a slightly confusing manner but these steps don't seem to be mentionned on this thread at all yet. ~deltz~

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

We do not work with Audacity at all and that is the reason why we do not catch all details. Thank you for this information. Peace

ok.. well i've tryed every way possible to get the full effect. i know its not exactly goin to sound the same cuz i'm not t-pain but i don't think it should sound flat there is no extra kick how might i get this?



Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Oke, of course you can not sound just like T-Pain, but you can get the effect he used for his vocal. The sound should not be flat, so you can try another thing to do. YOU MUST know what type your vocal is before you apply any of these settings. How to do that? Just click on SELECT SCALE and mess a lil bit until you found some scale you like. That will be solution for your problem.

Regards, Petroley

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing Team

hey how would i go about making the correction more noticable? for instance... I want this particular section of vocals that I have recorded to sound extremely robotic and I was wondering how to tweak the settings to make the vocals sound less realistic and more robotic.

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Hello Mikey!

If you want to sound like pro, please use Adobe Audtion or Cool Edit Pro ( You can download both from DOWNLOAD section of my blog, then just check out this post

How To Get Devil Vocal

I'm having trouble copy and pasting the dll file to the plug-in file, it's not pasting, I've tried a few times, and I've waited about half an hour, do you know why? :) Thanks, great tutorial by the way!

U r Awesom2 Petroley.....This helped a lot for my new single ! U the MAN !

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