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How To Get Studio Quality Vocals Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Tutorial

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Cool Edit Pro 2.1
In this tutorial I will show you how to get studio quality vocals using Cool Edit Pro 2.1, this tutorial is short basic steps to get studio quality vocals. Lets get started .

  1. Open Cool Edit Pro 2.1
  2. In first track insert you beat (just find it in your computer and drag it into first track of cool edit pro)
  3. Now Arm 2nd track and choose MONO recording (left or right whatever)
  4. Hit the RECORD button and record your verse
  5. Then arm third track and record your verse again at same way you record the first one
  6. Arm fourth track and record your verse again at same way you record the second one 
  7. Now you must set the "pan" to your vocals to get cool stereo sound ( second verse pan 40% to right, third verse pan 40% to left)
  8. Open verse in "EDIT MODE" and mark all track
  9. Go to effects> Amplitude>Amplify > Center wave hit OK
  10. Then Dynamic Processing >Very Fast Attack hit OK
  11. Now go to Filters> Graphic Equalizer > Spit Clear
  12. Then Filters> Parametric Equalizer > Loudness 
  13. Now go to Amplitude > Hard Limiting  and set this settings : 
• Limit Max amplitude to -6,5
• Boost input by 1,8
• Look ahead time 7ms
• Release time 100ms

Then all you have to do is set your EQ. Always boost high and middle freq. by 2, and low freq set to -1.


Hey man,

I tried this and with some minor tweaks I got more then decent results.

Thank you very much,

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

You welcome bro, I am that I helped you :)

Thank you for stopping by and for very nice comment, come back later for more tutorials.


Pro Sound And Vocal Editing

question how do you open verse in edit mode, to mark all tracks?

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Just double-click on track you want to open in "edit mode"

do you save all the recorded tracks into one before amplify and so on?

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

No dude. You must apply all settings for each track. And then, after all processes, save all recorded track with beat into one mixdown - finished song. :)

it makes the voice sound like a robotized :s

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

You made mistake somewhere, try again step-by-step and play your vocal after each step you done. Try without Parametric Equalizer.

Thank you for stopping by and comment :)

Do I do anything to the third and fourth tracks?

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Yes, you must process you vocals just like the second one track :)

Clyde Sims said:

Hi I have been using cool edit pro for a while now. I have just been using the sound card on my computer thus only being able to record on one track at a time. I just bought a tascam us800 interface and I am lost. I hooked it up and was only able to record on half the track. Can you tell me if I cand record in stereo and how do I set this thing up. any help would be great.

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Well bro, mono recording is better then stereo!

Check out this post
and see why is mono recording better then stereo. This tutorial is for Adobe Audition but the record process is the same as cool edit pro.

Do i adjust the volumes of vocals 1 2 n 3 equally?

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

no, first track must be lil louder, 2nd and 3rd must be equal..enjoy

Dude, u a genius, i jus also wanna know da differences in volumes(exmpl, letz say my 1st verse, da one wit no 'pan' is V -3.0) wat shud da other 2 be?

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Example :

1st track +2
2nd track -2
3rd track -2

This problem is individual because I do not know what kind of instrumental you use, what type is your vocal etc.

You should also try to set instrumental and 1st track equal. Let me know did you achieve you goal :)


Hi, i did achieve my goal, coz wen da vocals wer da same level it sounded a bit heavy, but its kul now thanx, one last thing, save as mp3 or wav (session)

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

If you have a lot of Hard disk memory then save it as wav because quality is way better, so you can edit it again and again without loosing quality.

Thanx 4 everythn dawg, time 2 record now YEAH!!!

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

You welcome bro, good luck :D

Is there a video on youtube explaining on what to do exactly by you? If so can you make one cause im getting REALLY confused and i think id need to see it in action. If you can somehow i would really appreciate it.

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

I don`t understand what part of this tutorial confuse you, it`s very simple and easy to use, just follow step by step and that`s it.

ok for 4,5,6 when you say "record your verse again the SAME WAY" do you mean try and make your voice the EXACT same way (tone, pitch in voice, etc.) Or do you mean hit the 3 record buttons in the 3 slots, THEN hit the 'main' record button and record your vocals all at once? Sorry im just really critical haha thanks for this set up btw i know its gonna help me alot

Sup bro, i was checking out this format and it seems really efficient. What settings do you think would sound best for the hook of a song as far as using "chorus" goes?

Isnt it considered mono recording already when you use the pan on both sides with the same percents though? Unless there is a certain mono recording mode you have to select.

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

@Anonymous1 Yes I mean EXACT same way ( tone pitch, tempo etc). Don`t arm all 3 track and record together. Record first one, then arm and record second, then arm and record third.

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

@Anonymous2 Well depends what type of song you making. Try to use reverb and lil bit of echo

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

@Anonymous3 Just go to device setting of each track and select MONO INPUT! Mono recording will allow you to manipulate with it easy and more professionally. Cheers

what EQ are you talking about please??? Dynamic EQ, Graphic Equalizer, or Parametric Equalizer

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

@phil Thank you for stopping by. I am talking about track eq aka MIXER. :)

thank u bro'... GOD bless u :)

Wadup, wen settin EQ, do i set it 4 vocals only or beat as wel, or dont it matter, do i jus use Volume 4 beat?

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Set only for vocals. Greetings

how do you install direct x into cool edit someone please help :(

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

GREAT MAN, U REPLYIN AGAIN, dont leave us hangin dawg, we need u. Thanx

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Thank you my friend! Please subscribe to receive all new posts in future.


For vocalz eq, is it stil medium nd high frequency increase by 2 nd low -1? Coz derz a page wer u saw mid 4 high 4 and low -10

Is eq stil hi nd mid increase by 2 and low -1, coz i saw a page here dat says hi nd mid 4 and low -10 (page name iz cool edit 2012)

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Well it depends of several factors like your voice type, quality of your recording equipment etc. Try both and see which one is better for you. The essential is that you must set Hi freq higher then your low and mid freq.

Good luck


Salutationz. I tried da H4 M4 L-10 nd it soundz way betta, plz if derz any other changez to da instructionz on top, let me know, thanx.

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Oke I`m glad that I helped you. Please subscribe to receive all new tutorials on your e-mail.

Have a great day!

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Go to top right corner and just type your e-mail in "Follow by e-mail" and click submit. Thank you

Wazzup again, i got a real quality mike, but my vocalz hav a slyt hiss, plz tel me how 2 reduce or remove it slytly (not in a way dat cud change my voice or quality). Thanx

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Wazzup!! Go to effects and find hiss remover and find the settings you like. Peace

U my mentor, i need u 2 recommend me da settingz, plz plz plz

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Come back tomorrow, I will try to make some kind of tutorial for you.

do you leave the first track the same without pan ?

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Yess, you want to leave 1st track without pan.

Great tutorial.
My vocal recording sounds excellent.
It's better than those tutorials I've tried on youtube.

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

No problem, I`m glad you like it. Peace

ohk i get it, then for mastering the whole track?

hello my vocals sound distorted but i did not use your system yet.....i was wondering if you had a video that explained your method as well because im not finding what you are askin in your instructions.....thanks

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

I had a video tutorial but YouTube remove it :(, please tell my what part of tutorial you don`t understand ?

Hi, i recorded in my garage so my vocals have an echo i dont want, iz der a way 2 remove it.

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

No there is no way to remove echo. But I have solution for your problem. Place some old carpets on floor and some old creepy sponge and echo will go away. Peace

hi, i am a 13 year old rapper. does this make the song itself sound clear and no static

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Hi. If you do you mastering process like I explained here yess, you will get nice and clear song :)


Yo, ppl bn complimntn da quality of my traks, jus wanna thank u dude, THANX!

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

You welcome bro, thank you for stopping by and this great feedback, appreciate.

Aye THis Works But I Did SOmething Better To Get That Amazing Quallity Wanna Here


Hello i have a quick question? Whats better stero or mono??

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

when you recording your vocals use mono recording

Yo, itz Terry, da guy who bn thankn u since i got ur tutorial, jus wanna say thanx again nd again, im gon thank u everytime after releasin a trak, howz dat...

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Thank you bro for this really nice feedback. When you release a track send it to me and I will publish it here on my blog. Peace bro

Gotcha, how do i do dat, im not very computa literate, got an email or sumthn?

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Just e-mail me : and that`s it..

Ye, i tried sndin a trak 2 yo mail, tel me if u got it...frm Terry

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

I did`t receive it are you sure you sent the track on correct e-mail adress ?

Ye, betta repeat it jst in case

Quick question. when I select all tracks into edit mode, does that include the beat? or am I only editing the vocals

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Quick answer. Don`t select all track at once. Do one by one, and don`t change a beat except mix mastering. Peace

I did everything you said but the vocals don't sound synchronized with the beat. it sounds weird. I'm gonna email it to you please tell me how to fix it

When you say pan 40% left and right, how much is that cuz cool edit doesn't show percentages. Is it 40L 40 R?

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Yess 40R 40L or Adobe Audition 40 and -40.

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Try without dynamic eq and parametric eq or e-mail me :

Yo, chek dis email of urz, hav u bn recievin any traks?

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

I did not receive any track. Please send it again


Is der autotune 4 cool edit?

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

yes there is, just use search tool on top of the blog and you will find it. Cheers

Nice tutorial. Will check it out this evening when i record! Anyone have any songs Posted on youtube with these settings so we get an idea of quality clarity etc? Cheers

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Thank you for visit and thank you very much for this comment.

Well there is one song with this settings but this dude have a junk equipment so it`s not real result of this settings. YOu shoud try it and let me know your result.

And yea, check this song, or leave me e-mail I will send you my own song with this settings . Peace

Is it best to use 16 or 32 bit?

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Allways use 32 bit.

Iz der a way 2 stretch my wave(s) so dat i cn add an echo (afta rcordn)

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Go to effects-time and pitch-stretch

How do i get studio quality vocals with Adobe Audition CS5

Miralem Asceric said:

use "search tool" on my blog and search adobe audition cs5


Dude can you give mic settings,level to record at i have an audio technica atr2500 usb condenser just like the it bad if my vocals are peaking here and there???

Miralem Asceric said:

Go to your system settings and find mic settings, reduce sound level. If you use some powerfull sound card go to settings and adjust "mic boost" level. Also you can check out your cool edit pro settings, to to file>preference>input/output settings and reduce mic level.

And remember ALWAYS make sure that the distance from you and your mic is in 15-20cm range. No to close cuz you will get peaks and "pufs", not to far cuz you will get to extra sounds.


Got autotune, how i get it into cool edit

Miralem Asceric said:

Dis is a bit unrelated, my laptop makes those zzz sounds wen i record, nd its not da cooledit, iz der a solution 2 dis?

Miralem Asceric said:

Check out your mic cable, or sound card...

Hi there i need advice on my vocals my mic is too clear an clean its a at2020 and its sounds like my vocals are like on radio, a bit to trying to get a low rugged sound..would you consider any tips with cool edit thanks...chris.

Hello, hw do i eliminate background noises on cool edit?

Miralem Asceric said:

hello. use search tool to browse the blog and you will find informations

Jst got me adobe audition cs5.5, need a tutorial bout it, nd bout studio vocals, itz new 2 me so i need strt to fnish tutorials


I was wondering if I would be able to copy the verse twice instead of recording it two more times? I have a fear that I won't be able to get all three to sound EXACTLY the same.

I need crius help, my wave blocks jst stopped sounding, I ddnt mute them or anythin, dey're der bt dey dnt sound... Help plz...

Miralem Asceric said:

You should do two things.

First one is to check your sound card properties and make sure you did not burn it.
Second thing you can do is to reinstall Cool Edit and try again. Previously do the backup.



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