Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Adobe Audition CS5.5 Free Download Torrents RapidShare & Megaupload

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Adobe Audition CS5.5 is brand new version of Adobe Audition sound editing software. But this Adobe Audition CS5.5 is compatible with MAC OS. The new version is improved by many factors and features like :

Adobe Audition CS5.5 Edit Mode
  • improved roundtrip editing with Adobe Premiere Pro
  • new audio sweetening and restoration effects
  • native 5.1 surround mixing and editing
  • more flexible and powerful effects workflows

Available as a stand-alone app or as an integral part of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium and Master Collection, Adobe Audition is designed to provide smooth and efficient audio editing workflows with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Flash. 

Download Free Adobe Audition CS5.5  or click here for full Adobe Audition CS5.5 Mastering Tutorial

Check this video out to find out how to download and install Adobe Audition CS5.5 



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