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Saturday, February 26, 2011

How To Install Gsnap VST Plugin To Audobe Audition 3.0

Gsnap VST plugin is one great feature to be added to Audobe Audition. If you have some installation problems with Autotune vst plugin this is right solution for you.

Gsnap VST Plugin is vocal vst plugin, that means that you use it for vocal editing. The most popular effect you can get with Gsnap is "T-pain" effect.

So lets get started :

  1. First download Gsnap VST Plugin 
  2. Then extract files from .zip file 
  3. Now open folder that you extracted form .zip file and fing "Gsnap.dll"
  4. Copy "Gsnap.dll" and then go to Program files/Adobe/Adobe Audition/Plugins and paste it 
  5. Now Open Adobe Audition 
  6. Go to effect and click "refresh effect list"
  7. Then you will get a new effect category called "VST", that is the place you will find Gsnap
If you looking for how to use Gsnap tutorial then check this post.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How To Get Devil Vocal Effect With Adobe Audition 3.0

In Adobe Audition 3.0 you can use many effect to change your vocal.

In this post I am going to show you how to get deep "DEVIL" vocal effect with Adobe Audition 3.0.

Lets get started :

  1. Open Adobe Audition 
  2. Record some vocal
  3. Go to "Edit Mode"
  4. Mark your vocal
  5. Go to Effects > Time And Pitch > Stretch
  6. Now select Lower Pitch And check my screenshot for right settings. 
Okay that is it. Enjoy your Devil Vocal Effect 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

There are a lot of plug ins and softwares that can help you to get your vocals sound like professional. One if them is Audacity and GSnap VST Plugin. Todays most popular effect is "T-pain" effect and I am going to show you how you can get that effect very easy.

Lets get started :

  1. First you need Audacity -Download here
  2. Then Gsnap - Download here 
  3. Install it 

How to install GSnap to Audacity ?

Download GSnap, extract the downloaded .zip file. Now just copy Gsnap.dll to folder "/Program files/Audacity/Plugins".

If you want "T-Pain" effect follow these steps :

  1. Open Audacity
  2. Record Vocal
  3. Mark track
  4. Go to Effects > GVST: Gsnap 
  5. Now you will get pop-up window with Gsnap VST
  6. Now set these settings  :
  • Min Freq : 80Hz
  • Max Freq : 2000Hz
  • Gate : -80dB
  • Speed 1
  • Threshold :100 cents
  • Amount : 100%
  • Attack : 1ms
  • Release : 1 ms
  • Pitch band : 0 cents
  • Vibratio : 0 cents
  • Vib speed : 0,1 Hz
  • Calibrate : 430 Hz
Thats it. Save this settings by clicking "Save Button"



Monday, February 14, 2011

How To Make HipHop/ Rap Drums Using FL Studio

FL Studio is one of the best beat making software in world. Working with FL Studio is really awesome, because it gives you free will to do what ever you want, and you can install any VST Plugin you like. You can create some unique sounds, beats, samples, patterns and music with FL Studio.

In this post I am going to show you how to make Hip Hop/Rap old school drums, very easy in just few steps.

First open FL Studio application. Then follow these steps :

  1. Take some "kick", hi-hat, snare and clap
  2. Now Set the right rhythm 
  3. Set tempo from 90 to 100
Now watch my full beat making video with step-to-step drums making process. 


Friday, February 11, 2011

Adobe Audition/Cool edit Pro Mastering Tutorial

Adobe Audition/Cool edit Pro Mastering Tutorial 

How To Record Your Vocals

Well, most of you think "njea how simple is that", well you are wrong.
If you recording in adobe audition 3.0 I will help you to set up your records. Follow this steps :

1. First thing you have to do is arm yours track. Just click Red "R" button on track you want to record.
2. Check your record device option. If you want quality sound, you have to choose MONO recording.
3. When you do that, you have to record 3 tracks one below other. But you must record ON THE SAME WAY YOU RECORD FIRST ONE.
• Example:

• I armed first track hit the record button and sing : "LAA LAAA LAAA"

Then I armed second track, hit record button and sing "LAA LAAA LAAA"

Then I arm 3th track, hit record button and sing "LAA LAAA LAA.You get it ? I hope you do :)
That's way you record yours vocals..

NOTE : The 1st track you record must be on center, Second one YOU MUST pan it to 40 degree to LEFT, And 3d one YOU MUST PAN 40 degree to RIGHT so you can get that very good stereo sound.

Mastering Your Vocals

For good quality of yours vocal tracks you have to add some effects.
Follow me :

1. First effect you want to do is choose witch track you want to edit. When you chose then double-click on it. Now you get your self to edit mode. Mark whole track. First effect is Amplitude and Commpression -> Amplify/Fade process. When you get there choose Center Wave. Hit OK.

2. Next one is Dynamic Processing ->Effect preset->Rap Presence(If you are a raper). Mark whole track and hit OK.

3. Next one is Reverb->Reverb choose witch one preset you like and hit OK.

4. Next one is Filter and EQ->Graphic Equalizer-> Lead vocal-Presence and Clarity

5. Then click on Parametric Equalizer->choose which one you like

6. Next one is Amplitude and Compression-> Hard Limiting/process. Then follow this settings

• Limit Max amplitude to -6,5
• Boost input by 1,8
• Look ahead time 7ms
• Release time 100ms
Then all you have to do is set your EQ. Always boost high and middle freq. by 2, and low freq set to -1.

That is about it. Pretty easy right?

Enjoy in audio mastering and download Adobe Audition 3.0 Full Version for free 

D O W N L O A D 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How To Get Helium Vocal Effect With Adobe Audition 3.0

Adobe Audition 3.0 gives you opportunity to express your imagination in sound and vocal creation. You can do almost anything you like with or without vst plugins. 

One of my favorite effect is Time And Pitch. I use "time and pitch" for special effects. You can get every special vocal you want just with few easy steps. Let me show you how can you make some "helium" vocal with Adobe Audition 3.0

  1. First record some vocal.
  2. Open it with "EDIT MODE"
  3. Mark part of track you want to edit
  4. Go to Effects > Time And Pitch > Stretch (Process)
Then just pick "Helium" , check my screen shot for correct settings. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Adobe Audition 3.0 is the best software for vocal editing on market. Just one part of its great features is reverb.
Reverb effect is one of those which you have to use to get studio quality vocals. If you have some cheap, poor microphone this effect is made for you. Reverb will boost your vocals quality is just some simple steps.

  1. First select vocal that you want to edit 
  2. Open it with EDIT MODE
  3. Then go to Effects > Reverb > Studio reverb , then just set this settings :
  • Room size > 30
  • Decay > 500ms
  • Early Reflections >  30%
  • Stereo Width > 40
  • Hi Frequency Cut > 14000 Hz
  • Low Frequency Cut > 600 Hz
  • Damping > 40%
  • Diffusion > 20%
  • Dry > 80%
  • Wet > 20%
That is about it, try it and enjoy hi quality vocals

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How To Convert Sound With Adobe Audition 3.0

Adobe Audition 3.0 have a lot of features. One of them is converting audio soundHow To Convert Sound With Adobe Audition 3.0?

You can convert form audio any type of sound to one you like. Most recently it is wav to mp3. You can do this very fast and easy.
Follow me :

  1. First thing you have to do is select what file you want to convert and then import it to Adobe Audition 3.0.
  2. Now you have two ways to convert one is to open that file with edit mode then just go to FILE>SAVE AS> select what format of sound you want and just click save.
  3. Second way to convert is to save complete mixdown. Just go to multi-track view and then file>export>audio mixdown> choose the format you want and hit save.
You can also select the quality of sound by increasing it. You can do it like this :
  1. Always set bit depth to 32-bit
  2. Select Stereo Channel 
  3. If you want High-Quality mp3 file then set Sample rate to 44100 Hz.