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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Frenkie - The Best Rapper In South-East Europe

The summer of 2005. Frenkie released his first album under the name "Odličan CD" ("Excellent CD") that got very good marks from the audience, and critics. Frenki texts criticscompared with anarcho punk, where it is compared by Ilko Culic with Rage Against the Machine said: It sounds more like a follower of Rage Against the Machine than some MTV rapper. The best and most listened song of the first CD is "Hajm`o ih rusit," which was often the first places the radio charts. For that song is Frenkie got Davorin for best vocal collaboration. Besides Davorin, Adnan won the Golden Kooglu for best new artist 2005th.

2006th Frenkie joins the activist movement "DOSTA" (in english - ENOUGH), calls for protests anddecided to record an album called "DOSTA!" . The entire album was recorded in less than 20 days. All revenues from the sale are spent on promoting themovement. The album was recorded with producer Brcko young King Mire. Exclusively developed for the Bosnian market, and can not be found any where outside Bosnia. 

Frenkie released 3 more Albums : 

  1. Povratak Cigana 
  2. Pokreni se 
  3. Protuotrov 
I made some bettle mixtape of Frenkie songs so please take the moment to listen this Bosnian KIng Of Rap! 


Monday, March 5, 2012

How To Get And Use Audacity? 2012

In this post I`m going to show you how to get and use Audacity sound editing software. Let me say a couple things about Audacity :

  1. Audacity is maybe the simplest sound editing software in market. 
  2. Audacity is FREE 
  3. Gives you opportunity to create, edit and record your own music 
  4. Split one song or mix more songs into one 
  5. Convert mp3, wav or AIFF formats 
  6. Change the speed and pitch of song 
  7. Much more...
To get your own copy of Audacity just type in Google "Audacity download" and you will find it in seconds. 

So let`s get started. 

First run Audacity. Then if you want to edit some song click on file and open. Then you search the song you want to edit and when you find it just mark it and click open. The song will be imported in couple of seconds. 
The song will appear as sound wave and that`s perfect foundation for editing. 

Now I will show you some tool that will help you to edit your song easier. 

First one is selector check out the screen shot. The selector will help you to select and mark the part of track that you want to edit. 

When you mark or select the part of song (track) you want to edit go to effects and choose which one you want to add to your song. 

You can undo any effect that you don`t like, just click on edit and choose UNDO "the effect".

Now I`ll give you one example of using Audacity. I will cut the part of song and save just that part for example my cellphone ringtone or something like that. Follow these steps : 
  1. Click File > Open > Find the wanted song > click Open
  2. Now use selector to select the part of song you want cut of or extract whatever. How to do that? Click at start of the part you want to extract and just drag your mouse to the end of wanted part. (Click on image)
  3. Then go to Edit > Remove Audio > Split Cut ( Click on image)
  4. Go to Tracks > Add New > Stereo Track ( now another track will appear on the screen - click on image)
  5. Now click on that new audio track and then click on Edit > Paste (click on image)
  6. Now all you need to do is to remove the original song. Just click on the image. 
  7. The last step is to move your new "ringtone" to beginning of track. Just select "Time shift tool" it look like this <-> and move it. 

Selected Part & Split Cut
Add New Stereo Track


Remove Original Song