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Monday, June 25, 2012

Visitors Request

Hello all my ex, present or future visitors! I had wrote all past posts guided by my own sense but this post I wrote just for you folks, because I want to know what are you interested about. Please tell me about what you want tutorial, how can I help you? Do you know some more information that I missed in some of my past tutorials? If you do then please feel free and contact me I will publish all your extra information.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cool Editing With Cool Edit Pro

When you talk about music making you can not omit Cool Edit Pro.

Cool Edit is my top one audio editing software on market. Whatever kind of musician you are Cool Edit Pro is right tool for you. No matter is you are rock singer, folk singer, hip hop/rap artist or any other kind of musician Cool Edit Pro will supply you enough tools to make your song perfect even without fancy expensive equipment. All you need is talent, power of will and Cool Edit Pro. People often ask me : "Why do you love Cool Edit Pro?", the answer is very clear and simple. Cool Edit Pro is very simple and easy to use, very clean and organized, very low system requirements and very cheep.

In the past I made a lot of Cool Edit Pro tutorials and reviews so in this post I`m going to collect all that content into one single post. So in future you don`t have to search trough entire blog to find one tutorial.

Here are some of the most popular Cool Edit Pro tutorials :

  1. Clean you vocals with Cool Edit Pro 
  2. Cool Edit Pro Mastering Tutorial 2012
  3. Installing VST Plug in Cool Edit Pro 
  4. How to get studio quality vocals Cool Edit Pro
  5. Adobe Audition/Cool Edit Pro Tutorial 
You must be wondering why am I place Adobe Audition here on post dedicated to Cool Edit Pro. Well Adobe Audition is "big brother" of Cool Edit Pro. The features are almost the same, the main different is visual. Adobe Audition looks much more modern and newer (it is newer). 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Free Cubase 5 Mixing Vocals Tutorial

Hello boys and girls ;). I`ll make a quick simple post about Cubase 5 Mixing tutorial.This is my first tutorial about Cubase because I have never used Cubase before. So let`s get started!

  1. Run Cubase 5
  2. Import your beat/instrumental 
  3. Record your verse 
  4. Click insert and choose DeNoiser and leave it default 
  5. Next insert Gate and choose Clean Lead Vox
  6. Now we are going to use some EQ, choose GEQ-10 and set these settings : 
  • -12,
  • -12,
  • -12,
  • 00,
  • 00,
  • 00,
  • 00,
  • 2.5,
  • 5.5,
  • 2.5,
  1. The next effect is Compressor and choose Lead Vocals In Your Face and just make one change in Ratio set 3.00
  2. The next one is DeEsser leave it default 
  3. Next effect is Limiter > Input : 4 , Output : 0, Release : auto
  4. Now we are ready to add some Delay. Choose Delay and set these settings : Delay 625.0, FeedBack 10.0, Lo 50, Hi 15000, Mix 6.0. You can mess a lil bit with this effect to make it perfect for your song. 
Okay that`s should be it, there is a way to process your vocals with cubase 5...

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Free Cool Edit Pro Tutorial/Get Clean Vocals

Hello everyone. There are a lot of cleaning vocals free tutorials on Internet, a lot of YouTube tutorials, articles etc but most of them are nothing more then trash. So in this post I`m going to show you how to remove any hiss or noise from your vocals easy and quick using Cool Edit Pro. I will also show to you how to make your vocals sound clear and more professional.

Alright let`s get started. Follow my steps : 

  1. Run Cool Edit Pro 
  2. Record your vocal (mono, of course) 
  3. Open vocal track into edit mode 
  4. Double-click to mark entire track 
  5. Go to effects > Noise Reduction
  6. Then click Click/Pop Eliminator and click Hiss + Lot of clicks
  7. Now click Find All Levels (now you will have to wait a little bit) when it`s done just click OK(again you will have to wait)
  8. Go to Amplitude > Dynamic Processing and choose Very Fast Attack and click OK
  9. Next go to Filters > Graphic Equalizer and choose Spit Clear 
  10. Then go to Delay Effects > Reverb > Tight and close hit OK
  11. And last step is go to Amplitude > Amplify > Center wave hit OK. 

Alright, now you`re should have a nice and clean vocals. This is just a quick tutorial for those who don`t have enough time to pay attention to details. If there is any question, critic or anything else please feel free to leave me a comment. 

Greeting, Pro Sound And Vocal Editing