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Human Factor

You are always sing under a shower, you sing at job or school, you sing when you exercise, run, walk, you sing everyday! If you do, then I want to share with you some info what are you need to build your own home music studio. 

First and most important thing is your passion for music. If you have that passion building own studio would not be problem for you. Because if you want it so much you would not be care how much it will cost. But if you are insure about it you will never build your studio. Because its easy to buy some equipment and get somebody else to do for you.

Second human factor is talent. If you are not talent, do not give up, please do not. If you do not have a talent for singing or rapping so what? You can be a music maker, producer or something else. All you have to do is try and try and try and you will success! If you do have a talent for singing or raping, or beat making or production YOU SHOULD MAKE YOUR STUDIO AS MUCH SOON POSSIBLE! Why? Because you do not want to waste your time, that you could use to increase yours skills as rapper, singer, beat maker, or producer. 
Next thing is very important that is persistence and patience. Nothing grows over night, not even today best musicians, producers, beat makers not get success over night. You should put 100% of you if you want to get a result you want! Do never give up please do not. If you spot that it is not going so great, do not worry everyone has their falls and ups! EVERYONE!

Hardware equipment

Well when are you psychologically ready to make your own home music studio first thing you need is some basic equipment. Professional music studios have a lot of equipment, several microphones, several computers, several mixers, high quality Amplifier, anti-noise chamber, high quality sound cards, professional cables, quality headphones etc.
But here I am not talking about professional studio, I am talking about home music studio. Right?
So what equipment do I need to get started?
Well first thing you must have is computer (PC). Most of you have one but you can not take just any PC to do music with. You must have a very powerful processor and a lot of ram memory, because If you want to connect some other music equipment with it you must have a strong PC! Also you must have stable operative system and some strong anti virus software.
When you get a powerful PC next thing you must buy is actually just PC upgrade. That upgrade is professional sound card. Without sound card you can not do a thing, because all other equipment you must plug in into sound card on PC. I recommend to you Audiotrak Maya44 Professional Sound Card. This card is amazing! Maya44 Sound Card have eight output and eight input channels, It is very powerful. This card is made in Korea, but do not worry it is absolutely one of the best sound card on market. It cost just about 160$. Very cheap.
Next hardware you need is mixer. Mixer is device witch you can use as Amplifier, all you have to do is install it correctly and configure it correctly. I recommend to youMixer YAMAHA, EMX 5016CF (A). Yamaha emx 5016CF specs : MAX POWER 4Ω -8Ω : 500W+500W AND 320W+320W! AWSOME!
Next hardware you need is some quality microphone.I recommend to you 797 Audio CR616 Condenser Microphone. It is great quality and very powerful mic. It cost only 203$. Very low price for quality it gives.
If you are music maker or beat maker you should get some midi keyboard. Average price of one midi keyboard is about 200-300$.

Sound Card

Sound card (audio card, Sound card) converts sound into digital signals and converts digital signals into sound through speakers or headphones. Two main parts of the sound card to perform these tasks are digital-analog converter (D / A converter) and analog-digital converter (A / D converter). Simplified main function of the sound card to give better quality sound for listening to music, watching movies, playing games etc
Types of sound cards
As with graphics and network cards can be divided into those that are built into the motherboard (onboard audio) and in the form of cards that plug into the slot (ISA, PCI ...) on the motherboard. All modern motherboards have on board audio, but if you want better sound you can put a special sound card, in which case the on board sound card is disabled (or in the BIOS or via a jumper on the motherboard. In addition to playing audio sound card allows you to record sound for what we still need a microphone and software for recording audio (in Windows there is no such program (sound recorder) but is quite limited capabilities).
Sound Card Connectors 
Sound Card connectors are order by color ;
  1. PINK - Microphone input
  2. BLUE- Line in
  3. GREEN- The main speaker connector (output)
  4. BLACK- Rear speaker connector (output)
  5. ORANGE- S/PDIF port, or subwoofer (digital output)
The alternative sound card are USB speakers. The advantages are that the digital signal is transmitted to the speakers so that no sound card and less sensitivity to noise and interference and disadvantages of low quality sound.