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Monday, January 10, 2011

Anteras Autotune VST Plugin

Autotune VST Plugin Adobe Audition

Well my favorite VST plug in is Anteras Autotune Evo Vst Plugin. This Plug in you can install on Cool Edit 2.0 Cool Edit Pro 2.0, Adobe Audition 1.5, Adobe Audition 3.0, Fl Studio 9 producer edition, Mix-craft etc.
This Plug in is very simple i easy to get into. You can use it to edit yours vocal whatever you like. With Auto tune you can get that "T-Pain" effect, witch many professional singers, rapers, d.j. use a lot. If you listen song "Boom Boom POW" you know what effect I mean.


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Only losers use autotune,is the most mischievous thing made in the story of human kind, what a shame.

Petroley said...

Viagra Online @ Believe it or not I do not like using Autotune, I prefer old school hip hop, the REAL RAP!

Thank you for stopping by and for this comment appreciate.

Anonymous said...

cnoming from a person thats name is viagra. autotune has helped some of the talented musicians in the world. just because youre against it doent meean that people that use it are losers. music is an art no matter how its made or whats used to make it. alot of artists are starting to use autotune. yes i agree that people should use their own voice but if it makes them feel better about their voice using autotune then dont be a critic about it

Miralem Asceric said...

Well bro, autotune is very useful I agree. But I just don`t like to use it... Thank you very much for your comment. Peace