Pro Sound And Vocal Editing

Thursday, January 27, 2011

There are a lot of vocal recording softwares on Window Platform out there, but my favorite is Adobe Audition 3.0. 
In this post I am gona to show you  How To Remove Bad Nosie From Your Vocals With Adobe Audition 3.0. 
Noise in Vocal Records in something that you can not avoid. Even most expensive microphones have a noise. If you want to get you song sounds like pro you HAVE TO REMOVE IT! I am going to show you how can you do it. Removing noise is so easy you can do it in just about minute.
So lets get started :

  1. Record Vocal
  2. Open Edit mode
  3. Just take some part of track that do not have your vocal inside (start, brake, end)
  4. Mark that part
  5. Go to Effects -> Restoration -> Noise Reduction 
  6. Then Click Capture Profile (and wait until adobe audition finish that process)
  7. Now, just set Noise Reduction Level to 56. 
  8. Hit OK

Note : There is no such thing as constant noise level so if this do not work for you, then just increase or dis increase reduction level. 


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