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Friday, February 11, 2011

Adobe Audition/Cool edit Pro Mastering Tutorial

Adobe Audition/Cool edit Pro Mastering Tutorial 

How To Record Your Vocals

Well, most of you think "njea how simple is that", well you are wrong.
If you recording in adobe audition 3.0 I will help you to set up your records. Follow this steps :

1. First thing you have to do is arm yours track. Just click Red "R" button on track you want to record.
2. Check your record device option. If you want quality sound, you have to choose MONO recording.
3. When you do that, you have to record 3 tracks one below other. But you must record ON THE SAME WAY YOU RECORD FIRST ONE.
• Example:

• I armed first track hit the record button and sing : "LAA LAAA LAAA"

Then I armed second track, hit record button and sing "LAA LAAA LAAA"

Then I arm 3th track, hit record button and sing "LAA LAAA LAA.You get it ? I hope you do :)
That's way you record yours vocals..

NOTE : The 1st track you record must be on center, Second one YOU MUST pan it to 40 degree to LEFT, And 3d one YOU MUST PAN 40 degree to RIGHT so you can get that very good stereo sound.

Mastering Your Vocals

For good quality of yours vocal tracks you have to add some effects.
Follow me :

1. First effect you want to do is choose witch track you want to edit. When you chose then double-click on it. Now you get your self to edit mode. Mark whole track. First effect is Amplitude and Commpression -> Amplify/Fade process. When you get there choose Center Wave. Hit OK.

2. Next one is Dynamic Processing ->Effect preset->Rap Presence(If you are a raper). Mark whole track and hit OK.

3. Next one is Reverb->Reverb choose witch one preset you like and hit OK.

4. Next one is Filter and EQ->Graphic Equalizer-> Lead vocal-Presence and Clarity

5. Then click on Parametric Equalizer->choose which one you like

6. Next one is Amplitude and Compression-> Hard Limiting/process. Then follow this settings

• Limit Max amplitude to -6,5
• Boost input by 1,8
• Look ahead time 7ms
• Release time 100ms
Then all you have to do is set your EQ. Always boost high and middle freq. by 2, and low freq set to -1.

That is about it. Pretty easy right?

Enjoy in audio mastering and download Adobe Audition 3.0 Full Version for free 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, very useful!

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said...

You welcome :)

Aaron said...


Anonymous said...


Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said...

You welcome my friend, come back soon :)

coia productionz said...

nice tutorial :) i enjoy trying different methods of mastering vocals. You should include noise reduction for the static that comes from mics because thats a problem for alot of rappers trying to sound legit

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said...

Thank you very much :)

Anonymous said...

so what should the volume be for tracks 1, 2, and 3? please help.

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said...

That`s individual problem bro. I don`t know how loud is your instrumental etc. The most important thing is that the 1st track must be louder then 2nd and 3rd. Good Luck, thanks for stopping by :D

Anonymous said...

1st track louder right? what about the 2nd and 3rd? should they be balanced? and yo, what's your facebook? might be more easier to contact you there. haha i appreciate the help :)

Anonymous said...

and another thing, do i follow the steps 1-6 for tracks 1, 2, and 3? or just for the 1st track? i'm sorry if i ask too many questions. haha thanks man. i still can't finish mastering this track

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said...

You must do all steps for all track :). And yess 1st must be louder but 2nd and 3rd must be balanced. Enjoy