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Sunday, May 8, 2011

How To Install Vst And DirectX Plugins Adobe Audition

You are surely ask your self how to add Vst And DirectX plug ins to Adobe Audition 3.0. Well that part is easy.

adobe audition vst direct x

 Just follow a few steps :

  1. Find a plugin you want to add
  2. Download it or buy it ( I recommend buying because you will always get original and full edition of that plug in, do not trust some "unknown" vst sites, you can get your adobe audition or OS crashed)
  3. If plugin is a .exe file just install it
  4. If yours selected plug in is just .dll then do this.
  5. Create a new folder and call it VST Plug ins or just PLUGINS (whatever you like, important thing is to create a empty folder)
  6. If you have more then one plugin then find and copy them to "PLUGINS" folder (just for easy organize)
  7. Open yours Adobe Audition 3.0 software and get your self into "edit mode"
  8. Click on "Effects" on toolbar
  9. Click enable DirectX plug ins
  10. Now go again to "Effects" on toolbar and just click refresh effect list
  11. That is about it. Pretty easy right?
  12. Enjoy in audio mastering



Marc said...

Now that the FX are up and running I want to be able to group the foreign FX in a similar fashion to Audition's own group sets (Amplitude and Compression, Delay and echo, etc.)- and add or remove FX, foreign and native, from those sets, as well as creae my own groups.

I have many effects programs and the favorites are already on the panel. This is just to make other FX easier to locate.