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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FL Studio Mobile iPod and iPad


  • Load and extend projects in the FL Studio desktop version
  • Resizable, stackable piano keys & reconfigurable drum-pads
  • Stuffed with FL Studio quality instruments, drum kits & loop files
  • 99-track sequencer, Piano roll editor & Step sequencer
  • WAV, MIDI & FLM (project) import/export
  • iPad HD version, iPhone 4 Retina Display support
  • Compatible with the Akai SynthStation 25

Just go to the App Store and if you have an iPhone/iPod Touch FL Studio Mobile OR if you have an iPad FL Studio Mobile HD.


What about Android OS? It's on the roadmap, stop nagging! We have a development team working on a low-latency Android audio-engine and there are many screen resolutions and device specifications to consider, it's not as simple as you may think :)

Does this mean FL Studio on Mac OSX soon? FL Studio Mobile is not a port of the Windows version of FL Studio. It is the product of a completely separate development team, and code, so FL Studio Mobile, while compatible with FL Studio has no impact on FL Studio development and vice versa.

Can I load my own samples?
 Not in version 1.0. We plan to enable user uploads in a future update.

Can I use VSTs? No, iOS does not support VSTs and frankly the devices it runs on don't have the CPU power to perform the synthesis you are used to on a desktop. FL Studio Mobile uses high quality sample based instruments made from Image-Line plugins and sample packs.



pharmacy said...

Great app! I always wished to create new tunes with my iPod touch or iPad. Great post and keep up the good work and also keep posting.

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said...

Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for comment too. I will keep up.


Itsupport Ape said...

VSTs for ipad are okay, like to see a vintage touch hardware module synth, with touch screen. good post.

Anonymous said...

The FL mobile sucks. It's not even a real FL but rather a conversion of another program - Music Studio.

It's a shame they didn't bother to come up with a good solid app and instead just took another app and simply re-branded it.

The note handling is bad, the sound quality is not the best I encountered and the effects don't apply to each channel separately.

It has no relation to the real FL studio we learned to love over the year. I really hope they will come out with a much better version. This current one sucks big time.

Hanks said...

Nice. I have to try it. Is it possible to export?

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said...

Not sure, but I think it is.