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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Use Gsnap As Autotune To Get T-Pain Effect (Settings)

The best Gsnap settings to get T-pain effect just like Autotune.

There are the settings :

Min Freq : 80Hz
Max Freq : 2000Hz
Gate : -80dB
Speed 1
Threshold :100 cents
Amount : 100%
Attack : 1ms
Release : 1 ms
Pitch band : 0 cents
Vibratio : 0 cents
Vib speed : 0,1 Hz
Calibrate : 430 Hz

IMPORTANT : To really get T-pain effect you must know how to do it.

There is several things that you must do right except the settings.

First thing is that you must know what type is your voice, so you must mess a little bit with "SCALE" until you get the right pitch that you want.

Second thing is that you must know how to sing. That is a little bit tricky part of getting t-pain effect. Many of you think that if you have right vst plugin and right settings you must sound just like T-pain and other professional musician/singer/rapper, well that is not quite easy task.

How do you need to sing to get right vocal to apply "T-pain" effect?

Many of you are going to fail but my job is to help you as much I can. Try to sing/rap in one note, do not change the pitch of your voice during singing or rapping. Just pick what style and pitch you want and sing. Then you find out what type is you vocal ( mess with SCALE), and then after all apply these settings.

Some guys comment my posts like : Oo this does not working for me, spam, bullsh*t etc. NO! These settings really working, but you must know how to use them!



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This really does work! I love it! Thanks!

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Great info! I just got the plug in for audacity and noticed a couple issues u touched on

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What about lil wayn settings

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how to clean my voice in adobe 1.5 can you give some tutorial for how to make your voice sounds like live and good quality.?

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How to make it sound flat