Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cool Edit Pro Tutorials Auto-tune Installation

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Cool Edit Pro is most popular sound (vocal) recording software ever made. Cool edit pro is used by many famous musicians, It confirms my personal view on the possibilities of cool edit. 
One of the greatest option that Cool Edit gives to you is that you can install VST and DirectX plugins, like Gsnap and Auto-tune. 

In this post I am going to show you how to install Auto-tune in Cool Edit Pro. 

  1. Download Cool Edit Portable for free-click here
  2. Download Auto-tune for free-click here
  3. The installation of Auto-tune is very easy. You can do it by just few steps : 
    1. Install Antares Auto-tune application 
    2. Run Cool Edit Pro
    3. Record some vocal
    4. Open it in "edit mode"
    5. Click on effect > Refresh effect list
    6. Then you will get new effects category the "VST". That category contains all vst plugins that you install including Antares Auto-tune.


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it worked for me

Hip Hop said:

it worked fine for me lol

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I`m glad to hear that bro :D


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