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Refx Nexus 2 Expansion- Download And Installing Tutorial

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Refx NeXus 2 is one of the greatest VST Plugins for FL Studio. Refx NeXus 2 is have great sound library but it is even more great because you can Install Expansions and have even more hi-quality sounds to make cool beats with it.
Refx NeXus 2 Expansion Pack
In this post I am going to show you How to download and install Refx NeXus 2 Expansion Pack.

  1. First download Refx NeXus Expansion Pack -CLICK HERE 
  2. When downloading is finished, extract ReFX.Nexus.Psytrance.Expansion.Pack.rar file 
  3. Run Fl Studio 
  4. Open Refx NeXus Vst Plugin 
  5. Click on "SYS" > "import data" 
  6. Then find .nxp file (from ReFX.Nexus.Psytrance.Expansion.Pack that you just download ) and import it. 
  7. Refx NeXus will install Expansion Automatically 

That is it, now just click on "library" and find new expansion sounds and enjoy using them.

Watch Full Tutorial Video :

Rexf NeXus Tutorial Download And Install Expansion Pack - The best home videos are here
To find out how to install Refx NeXus into FL Studio click here for full tutorial.


i downloaded it but ReFX.Nexus.Psytrance.Expansion is not recognized

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Just follow all my steps and you will get it. If not, then re-install Refx NeXus and try again.


Pro Sound And Vocal Editing Team

Djura said:

is this trial or full version of nexus?

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

Full version

Omogha said:

The nexus has been removed...can you please re-upload it or send it to me please???

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said:

yea, I know, I have some problems with hotfile. But I will help you out, just go to and download torrent file...thanks for stopping by


ok this is a totally new issue i have nexus and i downloaded some expansions but they only came in fxp files is there a way i can combine them all into one nxp file so it recognizes it as an expansion

mine says that there is not enough space in system drive

Evans Lucius said:

Pls where and how can I download NeXus for my FL studio? I mean free. I don't have it at all. Can any one pls help me with any links, thanks?


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