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Friday, June 15, 2012

Free Cool Edit Pro Tutorial/Get Clean Vocals

Hello everyone. There are a lot of cleaning vocals free tutorials on Internet, a lot of YouTube tutorials, articles etc but most of them are nothing more then trash. So in this post I`m going to show you how to remove any hiss or noise from your vocals easy and quick using Cool Edit Pro. I will also show to you how to make your vocals sound clear and more professional.

Alright let`s get started. Follow my steps : 

  1. Run Cool Edit Pro 
  2. Record your vocal (mono, of course) 
  3. Open vocal track into edit mode 
  4. Double-click to mark entire track 
  5. Go to effects > Noise Reduction
  6. Then click Click/Pop Eliminator and click Hiss + Lot of clicks
  7. Now click Find All Levels (now you will have to wait a little bit) when it`s done just click OK(again you will have to wait)
  8. Go to Amplitude > Dynamic Processing and choose Very Fast Attack and click OK
  9. Next go to Filters > Graphic Equalizer and choose Spit Clear 
  10. Then go to Delay Effects > Reverb > Tight and close hit OK
  11. And last step is go to Amplitude > Amplify > Center wave hit OK. 

Alright, now you`re should have a nice and clean vocals. This is just a quick tutorial for those who don`t have enough time to pay attention to details. If there is any question, critic or anything else please feel free to leave me a comment. 

Greeting, Pro Sound And Vocal Editing