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Thursday, July 12, 2012

How To Mix Vocal 2012 FL Studio

Some of my blog readers were asking me how to mix vocal using FL Studio. What effect to use, what are the "right" settings for each FL Studio effect. Well before I continue writing this tutorial I must tell you that there is not  "right" settings for some effect. Most of music producers will not agree with me but that`s my opinion and I`m going to tell why. Almost every human, or at least every music artist have a different type of voice, different style and different vocal performance ability. That`s why you can not apply same settings for everyone. But, in this tutorial I will tried to help you much as I can to achieve your goal "decent vocal mix". And one more thing before we do anything, you must know that this is quick tutorial for those in some kind of rush. I`ll do some much more advanced tutorial soon so be sure to subscribe to my blog and receive all new vocal mixing tutorials on your e-mail address. Okay.

How to mix vocal in Fl Studio?

Let`s get started. 

First we are going to do chorus. 

  1. Add Fruity Limiter (change it this compression section) 
  2. Add Fruity Parametric EQ
Now we are going to do some editing. Let`s get started with Fruity Limiter

Check out the screenshot below and set exact the same settings :

Fruity Limiter

Now we are going to move to the Fruity Parametric EQ, set the exact same settings like I did in the screenshot below : 

Fruity Parametric EQ

Okay guys this was how to mix your vocals in fl studio tutorial and you must admit that this is one very quick tutorial, just two effects. You can add some delay and echo later if you like. 

Please let me know if these settings works for you, feel free to comment and share. Peace