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Monday, July 16, 2012

Native Instruments Massive Review & Download Free Demo

Making music can be real joy if you know what tool you should use. Native Instruments Massive is one of the best vst plug ins in market that will provide you help with your drums and bass patterns.

Native Instruments Massive have a lot of very useful and interesting features. In this post I`ll show you what you will get if you buy a Massive.

First let`s check out how Massive looks like

You must admit that Massive look really nice, powerful and professional. A lot of "buttons" gives you a feeling you are working with real mixer, and that`s really motivating, at least for me :).

There are eight main features and tools :

  • Macro Control
  • Sound Synthesis
  • The Filter Section 
  • The Effects 
  • Flexible Routing 
  • Modulation Sources
  • Change of framework
  • The Library 

Macro Control 

If yours knowledge about sound is poor then this is great tool for you. Which Massive Macro Control feature you can edit any sound directly and very fast without any knowledge about sound structure. Native Instruments are already mapped and pre-configured all of sound`s most important parameters. 

For example if you mess around with No Bass feature, you can turn off bass very easy and quick. 

The Filter Section 

Massive Filter Section contains several filter effects like : 
  • Daft & Acid 
  • All pass 
  • Comb Filter
  • Two Low-pass and Hi-pass
  •  Band-pass and brand-reject 
  • Double Notch & Scream 
Each of these filters can be used to get a different sound types. For example Scream can be used to produce warm, dirty sound etc. This feature can be used to control rhythmically accurate punches and accent.

Flexible Routing

The simple structure of Massive conforms to subtractive synthesis paradigm, making it very easy to understand. You can put two insert effects at different places with the signal flow. In other words you can filter a sound and feed it back to filter`s input. This effect will provide you very great feel of dynamic and lively result. 





Drew Thomas said...

Great review of an amazing tool. I'm a huge fan of the Massive plugin's super clean bass and it's versatility whether you're in the studio or on stage. With the price tag around only $200, it's definitely worth adding to your live or studio setup.

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