Pro Sound And Vocal Editing

Monday, September 3, 2012

Adobe Audition/Cool Edit Pro Vocal Plug in SciFi Deluxe

SciFi Deluxe Plug in is very useful tool for those who own the radio station or their own radio online stream.


Well SciFi Deluxe Plug in contain a lot of TV, radio, movie vocal effects that you can use to make your vocal sound like guy/girl on TV or Radio.
These kind of effect were used in many movies like : Star Wars, 300, Terminator series etc.
There are four different effect : Alianator, Communicator, Deepnator and Cylonator. Each of these effect contain their own presets.

Conclusion :

If you want to create some movie, cartoon or if you own radio station or radio live stream you must have this plug in installed on your Adobe Audition/Cool Edit Pro. Your work will be much easier and more enjoyable.