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Sunday, July 21, 2013

How To Make Music At Home In 5 Easy Steps

How to make music? IT IS EASY JUST FOLLOW STEPS : 

STEP NO 1 : 

You need COMPUTER! I`m sure you have one. You computer MUST HAVE these minimum specifications :

  1. 1,5 gHz processor 
  2. 1 GB of RAM
  3. 128 MB Video Memory
  4. 40 GB of Hard Rom Memory
computer music making


To Start making music you need sound recording software installed on your computer. I recommend Cool Edit Pro Or Adobe Audition. 

music making software


To make hi quality music you need hi quality microphone to record some vocals. Hi quality microphone is one of most important tool you need to make music. Low quality microphones will do the job but they will do it poorly. Hi Quality Microphones will do do job and they will do it like a boss! 
You can find a really cheap hi quality microphones on Amazon, check this one. This pack will provide everything you need to record a high quality vocals.

music making microphone


If you plan to record a professional song you will need extra tools to do that. One of those tools is music making mixer. Mixer will help you to boost power of your microphone and give you extra studio quality .

Music Making Mixers are not expensive so you can have one for a very small amount of money.

music making mixer


After you equip your home studio it is time to do some recording and mixing, right? Music making process is always fun and interesting. You can do what ever you want to do with your vocals, instrumentals etc. You can mix it what ever you like. But there is a great procedure to get the perfect mix with Adobe Audition.

Adobe Audition is music making software that will provide everything you need to get most of all you equipment and your skill. There are a lot of Adobe Audition tutorials online and this one is one of the best.

Learn how to record, mix and master you vocals with Adobe audition

There you go, now you have a professional home studio in which you can make your own music. Good luck and enjoy music making!!!

NOTE - Additional tools you may need are headphones and speakers (I guess you have one so I did not want to add that step in this guide)