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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Top Adobe Audition 3.0 Plugin Morphoder VST

Welcome to my new post about Adobe Audition. I made a lot of post about Adobe Audition, but Audition deserve it, because it is one of the best music recording software on market. Adobe Audition is powerful tool to create your own music.

 In this post I will suggest to you vst plugin for Adobe Audition 3.0.

First plugin I want to recommend to you is Morphoder VST.

Morphoder vst

Morphoder Features : 

  1. Improve you vocal quality
  2. Eight vocal stereo synthesizer 
  3. Formant control
  4. Modulator with Liner Phase EQ
  5. MIDI Control 

So what this plugin can do for you?

For example, if you own a radio station /radio stream and you want to create some intro vocals sound like "You listening "YOUR RADIO"", with this plugin you can really make it sound professional. There is a lot of presents installed and each of them can and will help you to achieve your goal, and that is to sound like a pro. 

How to install this Morphoder VST?

  • You can download free demo by clicking here . Just sign up on the page and download it for free.
  • When you download woli.exe file launch it and from installer choose Morphoder
  • After installation process is complete, run Adobe Audition 3.0. 
  • Go to effects Add/Remove VST Directory, then just go to Program Files and select VST Plugins. 
  • Then go to effects and click refresh effect list
  • Now you will have to finde Wave Licence Center on your PC and open it 
  • Sign in and choose Morphoder licence and import it
  • Now refresh effects again and you will be able to use Morphoder VST Plugin
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