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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Adobe Audition CS6 Mixing Tutorial

Adobe Audition is one of the most popular music mixing software ever made. This amazing adobe product is used from complete beginners to professionals. Using this piece of software you can create, mix and master your own music! In this "come-back" post I am going to show you easy tips you can use to make your song sound like song that`s made in professional music studio. So let`s get started!

First to even start making your own song you have to make sure that you have all hardware needed to record vocals. You need some kind of microphone, headphones, PC and that`s all you need for a start. Adding some mixer is great but let`s be real, a lot of you don`t have professional mixer at your home.

#1 Open Adobe Audition software, insert the instrumental at your first track. To insert instrumental all you need to do is to find instrumental you want to use in to folder and drag it to first track.

#2 "Arm" your second track, Arming means that you will record your vocals at on that track. You can do it by simply click on arm button.

#3 Hit the red record button and start sing, rap or whatever kind of music you making. pres space button when you finish.

#4 Now you have your raw vocal acapella and instrumental you previously inserted. Pres space button to hear your raw song and make sure you are satisfied how it sound.

#5 Now all you have to do is mess a little bit with the EQ on the left, and add some effect to your vocals.

That`s it. Pretty simple, right?

To know what effect to use please read this post :