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Saturday, February 26, 2011

How To Install Gsnap VST Plugin To Audobe Audition 3.0

Gsnap VST plugin is one great feature to be added to Audobe Audition. If you have some installation problems with Autotune vst plugin this is right solution for you.

Gsnap VST Plugin is vocal vst plugin, that means that you use it for vocal editing. The most popular effect you can get with Gsnap is "T-pain" effect.

So lets get started :

  1. First download Gsnap VST Plugin 
  2. Then extract files from .zip file 
  3. Now open folder that you extracted form .zip file and fing "Gsnap.dll"
  4. Copy "Gsnap.dll" and then go to Program files/Adobe/Adobe Audition/Plugins and paste it 
  5. Now Open Adobe Audition 
  6. Go to effect and click "refresh effect list"
  7. Then you will get a new effect category called "VST", that is the place you will find Gsnap
If you looking for how to use Gsnap tutorial then check this post.


Aka gangsta said...

OMG thank youu soo much! you have no idea how much you helped me! PEACE

Petroley said...

You welcome man, I am glad that i helped you. Thank you for comment, please come back for more info :)


Anonymous said...

I don't have adobe audition. I don't know where to find it.

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said...

If you want to free download Adobe Audition Click here said...

thank you for this plugin

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said...

You welcome, thank you for comment.


Petroley, Pro Sound And Vocal Editing Team

Ya_Boi_Swavey said...

i have cool edit pro 2.0...will it work for that?

Pro Sound And Vocal Editing said...

It should work, try it out :)

ArtaSonora said...

Thx man!