Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cool Editing With Cool Edit Pro

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When you talk about music making you can not omit Cool Edit Pro.

Cool Edit is my top one audio editing software on market. Whatever kind of musician you are Cool Edit Pro is right tool for you. No matter is you are rock singer, folk singer, hip hop/rap artist or any other kind of musician Cool Edit Pro will supply you enough tools to make your song perfect even without fancy expensive equipment. All you need is talent, power of will and Cool Edit Pro. People often ask me : "Why do you love Cool Edit Pro?", the answer is very clear and simple. Cool Edit Pro is very simple and easy to use, very clean and organized, very low system requirements and very cheep.

In the past I made a lot of Cool Edit Pro tutorials and reviews so in this post I`m going to collect all that content into one single post. So in future you don`t have to search trough entire blog to find one tutorial.

Here are some of the most popular Cool Edit Pro tutorials :

  1. Clean you vocals with Cool Edit Pro 
  2. Cool Edit Pro Mastering Tutorial 2012
  3. Installing VST Plug in Cool Edit Pro 
  4. How to get studio quality vocals Cool Edit Pro
  5. Adobe Audition/Cool Edit Pro Tutorial 
You must be wondering why am I place Adobe Audition here on post dedicated to Cool Edit Pro. Well Adobe Audition is "big brother" of Cool Edit Pro. The features are almost the same, the main different is visual. Adobe Audition looks much more modern and newer (it is newer). 


Francois Jelso said:

Still having trouble getting into possession of the software. I've been messing about on reason with some vocal samples for dance music and I think I should leave it for a while until I touch anything this advanced.


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